May 06, 2005


In one of the most bizarre and naive editorials I have read in a while, the Sacramento Bee appears to go out of its way to justify Iran's contention that it shouldn't have to forego development of its nuclear capabilities until the U.S. reduces its nuclear arsenal.

The editorial discussed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Instead of calling Iran's argument pretext for the real reasons it wants to keep nuclear capabilities, the Bee states: "Unless the major nuclear powers, led by the United States and Russia, take steps to further shrink their arsenals, persuading nuclear wannabes to forgo such weapons, and to comply with stricter controls on the use of nuclear fuels, could be virtually impossible."

What a joke. The International Atomic Energy Agency recently heard evidence of Iran's violations of the NPT, which included: (1) refusing inspections of certain military sites suspected of conducting nuclear research, (2) constructing tunnels under a nuclear research site, and (3) various other violations. Remember, it was just late last year where Iran seemed to be on the verge of freezing its enriched uranium program. I don't seem to recall it making a deal out of US's purported feet dragging on reducing its own arsenal.

Instead of critical thinking or throwing criticism where it is most warranted, the Bee just regurgitates leftist illogic.

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Hey I bet the Bee like the Californian here in Bako is hurtin. and the Visalia Times and....... When will they learn, I can get ALL my news in a half-hour off the web, MY WAY. Then to complain about circulation, IDIOTS!

Posted by: cb at May 8, 2005 05:49 PM
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